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Hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy services in London

Here at Aniya's Spiritual Coaching, we offer a comprehensive range of therapies designed to promote relaxation, overcome addiction, and explore past experiences through regression therapy. Contact us today.

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Regression therapy

Regression therapy is a powerful technique that allows individuals to potentially delve deep into their subconscious minds to explore past experiences and uncover unresolved issues. Through guided hypnosis, we may help clients revisit significant events from their past, whether from childhood, past lives, or other periods, to gain insight, healing, and closure. By identifying and addressing the root causes of present-day challenges, regression therapy may empower individuals to release emotional burdens, and move forward with renewed clarity and confidence.

Relaxation and stress reduction

Our relaxation-focused hypnotherapy sessions provide a sanctuary for clients to reconnect with their inner peace. Through gentle guided imagery, deep breathing exercises, and progressive relaxation techniques, we may help clients release tension, calm their minds, and restore balance to their lives. Whether you are struggling with work-related stress, relationship issues, or simply seeking a moment of peace, our relaxation therapies offer a holistic approach to stress reduction, promoting overall health.

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Hypnotherapy session

Specialised journeys

Our services combine the transformative power of hypnotherapy with evidence-based techniques to support individuals on their journey to recovery. Whether you are struggling with compulsive behaviours, or other addictive patterns, our compassionate techniques may provide a safe and non-judgmental space to explore the underlying causes. With our tailored approach we can help you to reclaim control over your life.

Contact us today to learn more about our hypnotherapy services and take the first step towards a more fulfilling future, text or call us on:

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