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Here at Aniya's Spiritual Coaching, we provide reliable coaching sessions, hypnotherapy, and reiki services, contact us today.

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About Aniya Aryana Goold

Aniya Aryana Goold, is a life coach and facilitator of this platform. She has a background in medicine as a nurse and takes pride in her supernatural awareness that empowers her to achieve the mission she embarked upon as a child.

Aniya was conscious of ‘a’ mission as a child and was acutely aware of the spirits and angelic beings. Growing up in the 1950s South Africa, however, there were limited career options available to her and so, rather than following her spiritual calling, she pursued a safer and steadier career in nursing.

She completed her general nursing qualification and went on to become a midwife. However, she was not satisfied with her knowledge of the world and worked night duties as a nurse to support herself and went on to study BA degree in Teaching at the University of Cape Town.

Meanwhile, the oppression in South Africa had worsened and she felt the air was full of fear that one could not escape from. She eventually moved to the UK.

After a lifetime of learning and discovery, the prospect of retirement bored her as she believed she still had much to give, and it was during a period of meditation that the idea of this website and directory came to her. Therapists and healers, of the highest professional standards, should not rely solely on word-of-mouth referrals but should promote themselves properly in an online directory that outlines their credentials and gifts in a clear and organised way.

On many occasions, she spent time, money and energy attending courses that did not hold integrity, and she had met ‘healers’ who were less than they claimed to be. The holistic therapy and alternative healing practice deserve a system of peer reviewed listings, brought together in the form of a directory, that can be easily accessed by customers. This inspired her to offer dependable counselling services for clients from all backgrounds, get in touch to discuss your needs.

“When talking to Ann I was immediately put at ease. I felt like she was someone I could trust which made me feel comfortable and comforted which isn’t something I find easy having always struggled to open up and talk to people. When talking to her I found her input and knowledge insightful and enlightening. I’d like to thank Ann from the bottom of my heart for making me feel heard during a time of my life where everything felt overwhelming and difficult.”

Bespoke to your needs

Whatever your specific needs or even if you require an appointment on weekends, we can help. Reach out to us.

A woman receiving reiki massage
Man having reiki energy healing treatment

Professional and well-trained counsellor

Other than being a professional, Aniya has Diabetic Care, Adult Education and Primary Health Care qualifications. So, when you choose us, you are in capable hands.

To book a coaching session or to learn more, please call or text us on:

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